Mar 15, 2021 | Hip & Knee, Innovation

A painful knee or a hip can make life challenging. Many men and women carefully weigh the risks and benefits before agreeing to a replacement surgery and rehabilitation to correct painful knees, hips, or shoulders.

Clearly, the most important factor in choosing to have a knee or hip replaced is how much it is affecting your daily life. At Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (LOSM) our providers recommend paying attention to the following ten signals that it’s time to have a knee or hip replaced:

  1. Pain that prevents you from walking or bending the joint or bending over.
  2. Pain while at rest, during the day, or at night. This includes pain that keeps you awake at night despite the use of medications.
  3. Stiffness in the hip that prevents you from lifting your leg, often referred to as “the one leg test”.
  4. No relief from non-surgical treatment methods or rest.
  5. Hip or groin pain.
  6. Difficulty putting your shoes or socks on is a common sign of stiffness in your hip, especially if one foot is more difficult than the other.
  7. You can no longer complete routine daily tasks without help.
  8. Your doctor says that less-complicated surgical procedures are unlikely to help.
  9. Tests show advanced arthritis or significant joint damage.
  10. You are suffering severe side effects from the medications for your painful knee or hip.

Finding the right surgeon who performs procedures at your preferred hospital is an important component of your post-operative success. Lowcountry Orthopaedics joint specialists perform hundreds of joint replacements annually with excellent outcomes. We remain independent in order to provide patients their first choice for where to have their joint replacement. Our options include:

  • Outpatient joint replacement at the LOSM Surgery Center with home care*
  • Roper-St. Francis Hospitals
  • East Cooper Regional Medical Centers
  • Trident and Summerville Hospitals

If joint replacement is your best option, the questions below can help to choose an ideal surgeon:

  • board-certified in orthopedic surgery?
  • fellowship-trained?
  • how many similar surgeries performed annually?
  • patient testimonials or a prior patient available to speak with me?
  • outpatient replacement program available?
  • physical therapy available?
  • expected outcome?
  • possible complications?

Fast access to appointments is available. Second opinion consults are complimentary.

*Patients must be evaluated and determined a candidate for the outpatient joint replacement program.


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