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Pre-Visit Appointment Check In & Registration with ClinicQ

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Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine offers four convenient office locations as well as a surgery and MRI center.

Same Day Appointments

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Pre-Visit Appointment Check In & Registration with ClinicQ

To simplify the check-in process and limit patient time in the waiting room, Lowcountry Orthopaedics has implemented a pre-check-in & registration tool through Clinic Q. This tool will provide our patients with a personal digital experience prior to visiting our office.

Clinic Q is a HIPAA-compliant service that will assist with your pre-visit registration & check-in process. You will be able to pre-register for your appointment from the comfort of your own home, cutting down on your appointment wait time. You will also be able to take care of your copay or payment (if applicable) through this one-stop service.

You will receive a text and/or email up to 48 hours before your appointment from Lowcountry Orthopaedics via ClinicQ. Follow the link to safely enter your information & preregister for your appointment.

The first time you register will be about 15 minutes. Once you have registered, your following appointment check-ins will be significantly shorter.


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