Golf may improve your health, especially if you incorporate plenty of walking into this activity. You can easily burn many hundreds of calories during a round. It also involves fewer risks than most competitive sports. Nevertheless, golf still has the potential to cause painful injuries. Numerous golfers seriously hurt their lower backs. Be sure to follow these tips to stay safe.

Before you start playing, take the time to select suitable golfing shoes that fit well. This will reduce the likelihood of foot discomfort, plantar fasciitis and knee problems. Your shoes should have soles that offer adequate support. Consider using a gel-based insole to prevent strains; it ought to support your foot’s arch. Avoid long cleats because they can overburden various parts of your lower body.

Warming Up
Plan a warm-up routine and follow it every time you play. Most golfers fail to do this, but it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. A brief warm-up procedure can cut your risk of injury by more than 50 percent. Remember to walk quickly and perform several different stretches. You can protect your body by stretching your arms, wrists, hands, shoulders and spine.

People often injure their backs or shoulders when they carry golf bags unsafely. To avoid this predicament, put a strap over each shoulder rather than burdening one side of your body with the entire weight. Don’t strain your back by bending it when you pick up a golf bag. Lift the bag using your leg muscle strength.

Don’t swing more rapidly or heavily than necessary. This can trigger joint injuries, especially if you whack the ground with your club. Likewise, you should begin practicing gradually. Start by swinging a few times and slowly increase the number of swings each day. Think about attending a golfing class. This could help you safely enhance your performance.

If you feel discomfort or begin to strain any part of your body, don’t force yourself to continue practicing and playing. This will only worsen the problem and lead to longer-lasting medical conditions. Allow yourself to rest while your body recovers. Consider using some of this time to learn about golf techniques by reading or watching videos.