Quick, guys…can you remember the make and model of your first car? How about the last time you had your annual check up? According to a Yahoo survey, 81% of men remember the make and model of their first car, but do not recall their last trip to the doctor.

June is Men’s Health Month. One recent Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (LCO) patient has a strong message for men that are living with pain and injuries. “I would not live through the pain. Consult a physician at Lowcountry Ortho to look at your options. Pick up the phone and make an appointment. Start the process,” recommends Craig Story. This is exactly what Story did after working through the pain for years. Dirt biking, sports injuries and his profession all took a toll on his body. The former set up mechanic at Bosch explains, “We had to keep everything running, my job was to fix it, which often meant kneeling on cement.”

Story turned to Dr. Richard Zimlich, who specializes in joint reconstruction and replacement of the shoulder hip and knee. This would include partial and total joint replacement and revisions of existing joint replacements as well as cartilage restoration procedures. Story was pleased with his experience, “The nurses and the physicians do an excellent job.”

Four replacements later, Story has a new lease on life. He explains, “I can now raise my hands over my head. I am pain free. Instead of throwing a ball with my grandson underhand, I am able to throw overhand. I can reach things off of the top shelf!”

His healing did not stop there. Story also lost thirty five pounds, just another step towards better health. He states, “I am moving more, I am pain free.” Physical activity is one way men can stay healthy, but it is difficult with a lingering injury. Now Story finds joy in doing the little things he could not do before his replacements, explaining, “Even to hug your wife, I was not able to put my arm around her. The little things you take for granted, Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Dr. Zimlich fixed them for me.”

By adopting new technologies and developing new techniques, orthopeadic surgeons at Lowcountry Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine provide patients innovative surgical and nonsurgical techniques. Story encourages all males to schedule an appointment, sooner rather than later. he says, “These guys are world class. We have that right here in Charleston. They can fit any need you have because they are located all over the lowcountry.” To learn more or schedule an appointment, https://www.lowcountryortho.com/.