Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine is leading the way with medical innovation. One of our surgeons that is a vital part of bringing orthopedic innovations to the lowcountry is Dr. Eric Stem, a hip and knee specialist. Dr. Stem recently completed his 100th Conformis Knee Replacement. Dr. Stem is trained to use 3D printing, a unique process using CT scan data to design an implant and set of instrumentation that will match precisely to each individual patient’s knee. Thus, correcting any fit issues caused by underlying arthritic deformity such as bone spurs, cysts or flattening of the joint.

Board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine, Dr. Eric S. Stem specializes in arthroscopy of the hip and knee, sports injuries, ligament reconstruction, joint replacement of the hip and knee including partial replacement, resurfacing, total replacement and revision joint replacement. Some of the procedures Dr. Stem performs procedures that include: total joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder, and elbow), revision of the total joint, disorders of the hip and knee and arthroscopic surgery. States Dr. Stem, “We are committed to providing the most cutting edge joint replacement for our patients.”

In addition to leading the way with innovation, Dr. Stem also holds the honors of US Air Force Commendation Medal and is an Eagle Scout, Boys Scouts of America. Patients are always pleased with the care they receive from him. One patient states, “Dr. Stem is the best! I love the knee replacement he did for me.” To learn more or schedule an appointment: https://www.lowcountryortho.com/.