A hip or knee replacement is typically recommended when all other treatments have failed. Technological advances have made it easy for people to get surgery without staying in the hospital. It is estimated that 50 percent of joint replacements will be outpatient procedures by the year 2026.

Why Should You Choose Outpatient Joint Replacement?
Many patients benefit from getting traditional knee or hip replacement. However, an outpatient procedure may be recommended to the right candidate. The benefits of outpatient joint replacement include the following:

Reduced Medical Costs
Outpatient surgery is a lot less expensive than having to stay in the hospital overnight. This can save you a lot of money especially if your health insurance will not cover the total cost of your procedure.

Shorter Stay at the Medical Center
Patients will be able to return to their homes more quickly. They will be able to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Reduced Risk of Infection
Studies have shown that people recover from surgery more quickly when they are at home. Patients are also at a reduced risk of getting an infection.

Is Outpatient Surgery Right for Me?
Same day surgery is not right for every patient. The right patients for outpatient joint surgery meet the following criteria:

Be Healthy
People who have an existing medical condition require more care than those who are healthy. Only healthy patients are a candidate for outpatient surgery. Things are less likely to go wrong during surgery if the people are healthy.

Motivated to Recover
It takes will and determination to recover from surgery. There are exercises that have to be performed correctly and regularly. Patients who are motivated by the results that they get will likely make the best recovery.

Good Support System
It is hard to recover without the support of your family members and friends. That is why it is important to have someone to stay with you for a few days after surgery.