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Hi everyone! My name is Brandy; I am 32 and the mother of three kids. My oldest will be 16 this year and she is very involved in sports, she is a year round athlete. My middle child, my oldest son is also an athlete, and I’ve been working with my 3 year old when I can in the year teaching him the fundamentals of baseball.

My neck problems got so bad that I was no longer able to work with them, which really depressed me. I was seeing Collin Gage in the office, he was helping me get my injections scheduled and checked out all my problems while I was with him during that appointment. He has a WONDERFUL bed side manner! I just love him working with me to get my pain under control! I finally got scheduled to receive a steroid injection in my cervical spine on May 5th.

Doctor Patel was the one who did my procedure. I’ll admit I was really nervous about having this done. A couple days after my procedure when I felt like I could get up and start doing more, I realized I could actually turn my head to the right without excruciating pain! I was ecstatic! It was absolutely worth it to me to have that procedure! Even if I don\’t get the full four months of relief, it was most definitely worth it to me! I have 2 more times I can actually get this procedure done this year.

Dr. Patel is one of the most kind soft spoken doctors I have ever dealt with, he is just one of those people that are just generally kind and caring about his patients, and the staff at Lowcounrty Orthopaedics are all wonderful!

I’ve been dealing with Lowcounrty since I was about 10, I wouldn’t trust my Heath and problems to any other group of doctors!


I’m 59 and to get some exercise after work I would walk my dog every day. A little more than a year ago I started noticing my left foot going numb at the end of these walks. I would sit down and after about 10 minutes the feeling would come back. I work in a maintenance dept. as a planner. I work at my desk and go out to the job site and then back to the desk. My foot would be numb from walking and I would sit down and the numbness would go away; so it didn’t affect my job very much. I just worked through it, part of getting older I thought.

After about 2 months of this, the numbness started going all the way up my leg and taking longer for the feeling to come back. Anti-inflammatory seemed to help for a while. Then about a month later both legs started going numb. After talking to some of my friends who had similar problems they recommended me to Dr. Stoval. An appointment was made, x-rays taken and it appeared one of my lower back discs was out of alignment and showed signs of degeneration. I tried injections in the back hoping that would help, it didn’t.

I had an MRI so Dr. Stoval could get a better look at the cause of the problem. It showed that my L4 would slide around while I was walking causing that disc to pinch the nerves running down my spine and making my legs go numb. Dr. Stoval and I talked about what was going on and that surgery was the best alternative. He was easy to talk to, took time to answer all my questions, went into detail about what would happen, and what to expect during the recovery period. I had the surgery and everything went exactly as he said. ItÕs been 8 weeks after the surgery and I can now walk without any numbness or pain.

The follow up office visits are on time without a long wait in the waiting room. The office staff are friendly, Dr. Stoval takes time to answer all my questions and doesn’t make me feel like he is in a hurry to get me in and out of the examination room.

I would like to give an extra amount of appreciation to Martha Faulkner, who works in the medical records and legal department, without her walking the Extra Mile I would not be receiving my pay benefits on time. I would like to thank everyone at Lowcountry Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine for giving me back my quality of life.

-J. Brooks