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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between FMLA and Disability?

An FMLA is dictated by the federal government and holds employers responsible for maintaining a position for the employee for up to 19 weeks. They do not have to keep the same position, just maintain a place for the employee to return. A physician is required to provide medical documentation at least once that explains why the employee’s condition requires leave for treatment and/or recovery.

Disability is either long or short term insurance that pays a portion of the employee’s income if an occasion arises where they cannot work. The physician is usually asked at monthly intervals to provide medical documentation supporting continued leave.

Why does it cost $15 to get my form filled out?

Per SC law 44-115 “All medical records are considered the intellectual property of the doctor who creates them for a patient. The physician has the right to charge a reasonable fee to include the costs for search, duplication, and providing medical information other than copying existing documents.”

Why do I need to sign an authorization to get my form sent to my employer/ insurance company?

The US government and SC state law require express written consent before a physician can release medical records (SC Section 44-115- 40).

How long is it going to take to get my form back?

It depends on how heavy the volume of incoming patient forms is. As a general rule, we ask for one to two weeks, but it may be as little as three days IF all the required information is available.

Can you move my return to work date to X/X/XXXX?

Each patient will discuss their condition with the physician at each visit. PLEASE ask for a written work note as current documentation that your return to work date was moved. Lack of written documentation from the time of your appointment will result in holding your form until approval from the physician is gained for changes in work dates.

I need my records and I already signed for them.

Medical records are handled by Records Quest, a local company that we have contracted with. You can call them directly at 888-300- 7410 after a waiting period of 48 hours after your request was signed, or contact Candace by calling 797-5050 x. 4193 with medical record related questions.

My Insurance/ Employer needs the records for X/X/XXXX date of service and say they have called you already but you haven’t responded.

Due to office policy, we cannot speak to 3 rd parties regarding question on your medical record, but if you have an authorization on file, we will send them as soon as the records become available. It may take a week or more for surgery reports as they come from different facilities.

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