Common Sports Injuries and How to Recognize Them

While few activities and hobbies are considered a universal human experience, playing sports is something that transcends a person's background. People of every age, race, and ethnicity have played a sport at least once. In America, and many other countries, sports are wildly popular and influential. From elementary school to college, many have the chance to participate in sports. Although American football is the most popular sport in the States, millions play a number of others: soccer, basketball, and baseball to name several. Despite the fun and entertainment that athletics provide millions of people around the world, competing, even casually, carries a potential drawback: injuries. However, by being aware of common injuries, players help prevent them. Along with the players themselves, friends and family of athletes benefit from this knowledge; different sports injuries require different types of treatment.

Common Sports Injuries 

This injury is common because it can easily occur across all sports. While sprains are generally a constant issue for many athletes, ankles are particularly susceptible. Thankfully, there are a number of preventative measures that can be taken to curb the likelihood of sprains. The athlete needs to stretch before every outing, as sprains are caused by abrupt tears or stretches. By "loosening up" beforehand, sprains are significantly less likely to happen. The severity of sprains has a big range, but they are all treated similarly - with rest, ice, and elevation. 

Shin Splints: 

Shin splints are one of the more annoyingly painful sports injuries, often causing sharp pain throughout the leg. Track participants are the most likely to be affected by shin splits, as running is a typical cause. In addition, those who aren't acclimated to serious exercise are more at risk for shin splints, especially if they suddenly transition into a situation where they exercise strenuously. 

Knee Injuries: 
While all athletes subject themselves to the risk of knee injuries, football players are most likely to suffer. "Knee injuries" is somewhat of an umbrella category, but the most severe instance of a knee injury is an ACL tear. ACL tears are the most brutal of the common sports injuries, and generally, they are caused by the twisting of a knee during an athletic movement. Unfortunately, this injury can happen without contacting another player, which makes it unpredictable. This injury requires surgery and is capable of derailing an athlete's career. Keep in mind, however, that these tears are significantly less likely than the first two injuries mentioned on this list. 


While these three injuries are several of the common ones athletes are likely to encounter, they only scratch the surface of what can happen while playing sports. However, don't be scared! Many enjoy sports without ever suffering a severe injury, so rather than avoiding sports altogether, be smart. Be aware of common injuries, and always be willing to go the doctor - no one treats injuries better

then them!